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Thank you so much. Excellent editing of the manuscript. I reccomend this to all my colleauges.
Kind Regards,
D. Chandra - United States

D. Chandra · United States

We thank your efforts. My manuscript greatly improved

Mahmoud Al-Alwani

M. Al-Alwani · Malaysia

The promotion and structure of the offer were clear and the services were easy to access. I appreciated that I could select the service individually and on demand. All instructions were clear and the costs were transparent. I would recommend the service to a colleague. I receive prompt service and all changes were adequate.

Hilmar Hofmann, Ph.D.
Environmental Physics
Limnological Institute, University of Konstanz

H. Hofmann · Germany

I used the premium editing service so I was able to obtain technical edits from the senior-level editor and the two language editors. The returned edits were clear, professional and consistent throughout the manuscript. I have used other editing services. ACS ChemWorx provides consistent and professional edits.

Daisuke Minakata, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michigan Technological University

D. Minakata · United States

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